Eric Kim, comic artist and illustrator.

"Once in secondary school in the 60’s some class clowns dressed up the tallest guy in school in a trench coat, shades and a fedora and rushed him in to a school dance with great hubbub proclaiming "Del Shannon is here, Del Shannon is here." And until they got to the stage we all believed them, because nobody knew what Del Shannon looked like. He was just a voice on some great records. He had no social ID. By the early 60’s that had really changed with the invasion of The Beatles and The Stones. This time TV was added to the mix and print media too. So you knew who they were, or so you thought anyway. I’m mentioning this because the best way to survive the death or change of an industry is to transcend its form. You’re better off with an identity of your own or maybe a few of them. Something special."

- Iggy Pop, John Peel Lecture, Keynote Speech


BBC Radio 6 Music - The John Peel Lecture - BBC Music John Peel Lecture - Iggy Pop’s Keynote Speech Transcript

Iggy Pop is fearless and honest in his approach to the subject of art and money, and thank god. Very insightful and, in a weird way, soothing.

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just a really quock hello and thank you to @schrodingersblackkat! really means a lot to me :)

I’m going on a bit of a drawing bender for amazing heroines in comics. hope you all enjoy the results!