Eric Kim, comic artist and illustrator.
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Men’s rights activists don’t organize marches; they don’t build shelters or raise funds for abused men; they don’t organize prostate cancer-awareness events or campaign against prison rape. What they actually do, when they’re not simply carping in comments online, is target and harass women—from feminist writers and professors to activists—in an attempt to silence them. By

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I got to see this tonight with my buddies @DTHalliday and @spookysquid because my friend @comics212 is fucking awesome and generous.

I got to see this tonight with my buddies @DTHalliday and @spookysquid because my friend @comics212 is fucking awesome and generous.

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TCAF Post-Mortem: A Pliers’ Perspective



I type this as my back aches from spending the weekend both sitting and standing a tad too much at TCAF 2014. I’m not complaining though, as it was a hell of a fine weekend and one that I hope both Pants and I can partake in again next year. 

It seemed like there was a good response to Errol Dynamic, so thanks to everybody who bought a book and stopped to chat with us about it and our other wares. 

Thanks very much to the following folks: The organizers, workers and volunteers that make TCAF tick. Great work everybody. TLAC for saving our asses when things were looking dire on the printing front (no thanks to a certain printing company that shall remain nameless, but we will continue to curse under our breaths) and for making the final results look oh so fine. Eric Kim (aka “The Shredinator) for recommending TLAC to us and for being a great table mate for the weekend. Evan Munday for the pre show write up and Lindsay Gibb (aka Pliers’ better half) for bringing Errol to Evan’s attention. Also, thanks to my Mom for making the trek down from the ‘burbs to check things out. Whatta gal! Of course big thanks to Pants for being an awesome partner and for making the stories I like drawing so damn much.

As is my weakness, I –along with Lindsay– consumed like a madperson and some of my choice goodies are after the break…

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Had a great weekend this ear at TCAF! also sold out of SHREDATOR books, so that’s a big plus.

Just wanted to say thanks to Matt Daley, Cory McCallum and Georgia Webber…and also Square for giving me their handy reader! anyways, be sure to check out their stuff.

Big gigantic thanks to TCAF for being amazing hosts (again). looking forward to next year!